MeeGo Image Creator mic2 on ArchLinux

It has been a while since I first tried and failed to get mic2 working on my ArchLinux machine. Since then Arch moved to python 3, and some additional steps are required to get it working, fortunately this time the issues I encountered where easily fixed, I will be reporting them to the packages maintainers, also I have adopted one of them that was abandoned. I have uploaded my PKGBUILDs here just in case the maintainers are unable to make changes soon.

Before we start compiling we will need to make sure to have some required dependencies, this could be done by some aur wrappers automatically:

pacman -S python2 git cpio syslinux squashfs-tools parted lua nss nspr gnupg icu intltool urlgrabber python-pysqlite libxml2

We will start building the packages in this order, if a package is not available on the mic2 folder, use the package from AUR:

  • beecrypt
  • rpm-org
  • python2-iniparse
  • yum-metadata-parser
  • yum
  • isomd5sum
  • pykickstart-git
  • libaio
  • multipath-tools

And finally, build mic2 ! Everything should go smooth, try to build and image (x86 only at the moment, we still require qemu-arm to build ARM images):

mic-image-creator –config=meego-handset-ia32-pinetrail-mtf- –run-mode=-1 –format=livecd –fstype=vfat –release= –package=none –overlay-size-mb=64

If you have any problem ask on the comments and I’ll try to see what is wrong 🙂

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