YUT Codegate 2012 CTF

Este viernes 24 de febrero empezó el Codegate 2012. Logramos terminar en el lugar número 38 de 182 equipos, como siempre ningún equipo de latinoamerica por encima de nosotros :). El equipo no estuvo completo, Daniel solo participó un par de horas y yo tampoco hice gran cosa, la mayor parte del trabajo fue por emyei y gosu. Nuestro scoreboard al final del evento fue:

Se nos escaparon un par de retos que ya teniamos casi resueltos pero bueno, para una proxima oportunidad será.  El rank final lo pueden ver a continuación:

N900 Mer boot to QMLViewer

The following kickstart files allows the n900 to boot into qmlviewer, I’m going to highlight just the bottom of it, with the next lines we create the launcher for the qmlviewer and then create a symbolic link to make it the default desktop environment.

cat > /usr/share/xsessions/x-meego-qmlviewer.desktop << EOF
[Desktop Entry]
Name=qmlviewer session

# Set symlink pointing to .desktop file
ln -sf x-meego-qmlviewer.desktop /usr/share/xsessions/default.desktop

Here is a video of N900 booting:

And the full kickstarter file:

Fix for Failed to upload package: Failure on QtCreator

Just got hit by this problem, whenever I tried to deploy my application:

    11:06:04: Package created.
    11:06:04: Installing package to sysroot ...
    Package 'untitled' installed.

    11:06:04: Preparing SFTP connection...
    11:06:04: Starting upload...
    11:06:04: Failed to upload package: Failure
    11:06:04: Deploy step failed.
    Error while building project untitled (target: Harmattan)
    When executing build step 'Deploy Debian package via SFTP upload'

And a notification warning about the little remaining data storage appeared on the device, which I wrongly ignored at first. The problem occurs because QtCreator tries to copy the debian packate to /tmp on the device, N9 for me, and it fails if the space is full. I managed to fill my /tmp partition (which is just 4Mb btw..) by testing some big application. Solution is, ssh to your device, check if you /tmp is full (df -h) and delete any .deb file left there by QtCreator.

/home/developer $ df -h
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root                 3.9G      1.7G      2.0G  47% /
devtmpfs                 10.0M    248.0K      9.8M   2% /dev
tmpfs                     4.0M      4.0M         0 100% /tmp
tmpfs                   512.0K    148.0K    364.0K  29% /var/run
/dev/mmcblk0p3            2.0G    197.7M      1.7G  10% /home
/tmp $ cd /tmp && ls -al
total 4096
-rw-r--r--    1 user     develope         0 Feb  7 09:59 qstardict_0.0.3_armel.deb
-rw-r--r--    1 user     develope         0 Feb  7 10:06 qstardict_0.0.4_armel.deb
-rw-r--r--    1 user     develope   4116480 Feb  3 21:32 qxmpp_0.0.1_armel.deb
/tmp $ rm qstardict_0.0.3_armel.deb
/tmp $ rm qxmpp_0.0.1_armel.deb
/tmp $ rm qstardict_0.0.4_armel.deb

UPDATE: This is supposed to be fixed on QtCreator 2.5 according to https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTCREATORBUG-6859

Patch is here if you don’t want to wait 🙂 : http://qt.gitorious.org/+qtcn/qt-creator/qtcn-qt-creator/commit/b7d02e08fa246f3d45c898dc2480143a372409f0