Nseries Nokia N810

I’ve already got the N810, so far I’ve got to say that it’s an awesome device, it’s way smaller than I thought it would be. I had to flash the N810 using the lastest firmware in order to install some applications such as Skype. I was a bit scared of doing it because I had some issues last time I flashed my cell phone, a Sony Ericcson W810i, I fuxored it although I was using Sony’s Official tool to update it, I was unable to use it for a weeks, the time it took me to do read about flashing with some 3rd party tools.

I’ve got the scratchbox environment running, I had some issues installing it on Ubuntu Hardy, following some advices from qwerty12 on ITT solved everything and allowed me to get the Maemo SDK running on lastest Ubuntu.

I had to disable vdso by adding vdso=0 to the kernel line on /boot/grub/menu.lst file. The second problem is related to a memory protection that got enabled on lastest kernel, you need to edit /etc/sysctl.conf and change: vm.mmap_min_addr = 65536 to: vm.mmap_min_addr = 4096.

I’ve already installed the following apps:

  • Canola / Mplayer
  • FBReader / Evince / Xournal
  • MaemoFTP / rdesktop / openssh
  • Duke3D / LxDoom / Quake / iNES
  • Pidgin / XChat / Skype

I was looking for a torrent client, found transmission for maemo, but it was not working very well, it was pausing itself after a while, so with my sbox installation, compiled libtorrent and rtorrent from debian’s repository, and installed on n810 with dpkg, it works like a charm.